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Take a brief tutorial to learn more about the facts of sponsorship and decide if you want to be a sponsor. Then, access tools and factsheets to help you be successful.


The U.S. government will allow Ukrainians to seek refuge in the United States on a temporary basis known as humanitarian parole, with the support of a sponsor in the United States. Read more about the Uniting for Ukraine program and responsibilities of sponsors (also referred to as supporters) here.

While only one person is required to serve as sponsor through this program, we believe that sponsorship is most successful when groups of individuals – friends, colleagues, neighbors, faith community members – come together to pool their resources and welcome, assisting the newcomer in navigating their new community and accessing available services and supports. The following resources offer some best practices in sponsorship that can set you (and the newcomer you are welcoming) up for success.

Guidance for Sponsoring Newcomers

This resource offers some best practices in sponsorship that can set you and the newcomer you are welcoming up for success.

Initial Sponsor Service Checklist

Newcomers will need to access services to get settled here. Use this checklist to keep track of initial services typically needed when a newcomer arrives.

Sponsor Group Structure & Roles

Sponsoring with a group can make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Review recommended roles and responsibilities for your group.

Budget Template

Newcomers may need help with initial financial planning. This budget template helps capture initial estimated living costs.

Fundraising Tips and Tools

Newcomers may need initial financial support to get on their feet. Read tips for how to raise funds to support newcomers as they integrate into their new community.

Tips for Securing Housing

Newcomers will need to find a place to stay. Learn about best practices for sponsors to find and secure housing for newcomers.

Home Supply Checklist

Help make a house a home! Review a list of household supplies to help prepare a home for newcomers.

Pantry Checklist

Help a newcomer feed their family. Read a list of items for a newcomer’s pantry upon arrival.

Guidance for Connecting with State and Local Services

Newcomers are part of our community. Learn more about the services available to them.

Guide to the U4U Humanitarian Parole Application

For those who want to apply to sponsor Ukrainians coming to the U.S. under Uniting for Ukraine, this document guides you through the process, step by step.

Local Guides to Welcoming Resources

In-depth resources to help sponsors and Ukrainian newcomers navigate their lives in major U.S. cities including Chicago, New York/Newark, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Sacramento.